5 Benefits of Adding a Pergola to Your Outdoor Space

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We’re very fortunate to experience great weather, most of the year, in Australia. And naturally, we want to make the most of this luxury and socialise outside with friends and family.

A pergola is a fantastic, traditional outdoor structure that protects you from rain, harsh sun, and wind. They can really set the mood of your outdoor living area, allowing you to designate certain areas to dining and entertaining, whilst also creating privacy in your space.

At Louvre House, we create premium louvre and insulated roof pergolas, as well as panorama enclosures. Our roof systems are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, whilst expanding your living space outdoors to relax and entertain in.

Read on to discover why a pergola could be beneficial for your outdoor area.

Extend your living space

A pergola extends your living space and can increase the amount of time that you spend outside, year-round. If you already have a deck or outdoor area, you know how hot it can get in the sun! A pergola will add shade, allowing you to enjoy the perks of being outside whilst being protected from harsh weather conditions (just don’t forget to put on your mozzie repellent!)

Outdoor dining and entertaining

Do you love entertaining your friends and family? Or even just enjoy spending your mealtimes outdoors? As much as we love the Australian climate, it can be unpredictable and tends to throw severe sunny days and wild, wet and windy days our way from time to time. It’s important to make sure you are protected when dining outdoors and installing a pergola in your garden can help with this. You are sure to cherish mealtimes with your loved ones more if you’re not worried about getting rained on!

Poolside lounge

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your garden, you are sure to appreciate relaxing by it. Unless you’re sunbathing, spending all that time in the sun can just be too much! If you don’t already have sun protection by your pool, a pergola can be a smart, sophisticated and beautiful way to incorporate shade. You can create a designated space by your pool for a bar, couches, and tables under a pergola. By hanging curtains, stringing fairy lights, hanging plants and placing lanterns by the area, you can really set the mood. So next time you are wanting to read and relax by the pool, you can feel confident knowing that you will not be getting burnt!

Add some green to your garden

One way to add greenery to your outdoor living space is to install a pergola and grow plants at the base of its columns. These plants will begin to entwine themselves around the pergola’s framework. This can create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere in your space. We recommend growing bougainvillea, devil’s ivy, creeping fig and climbing hydrangea around your pergola area. Just be warned – these plants can start getting wild so make sure to trim them often!

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Add value to your home

Not only will a pergola increase your personal enjoyment when spending time outside, it will also increase the value of your home. When (and if) the time comes to sells your home, it is safe to assume that a pergola won’t hurt its monetary worth. An attractive pergola can set a house apart from other competition, by adding extra dimension and additional space. A pergola will breathe new life into your garden, adding substantial value to your home whilst also making your time in your outdoor space more pleasurable.

If you’re thinking of adding a pergola in your outdoor living space, a Louvre House louvre roof system is the way to go. Take control of the weather by keeping rain and wind out, while letting sunlight, warmth and airflow in. Louvre House louvre roof systems are proudly manufactured in Australia from the finest quality aluminium. Our adjustable louvre roof systems are custom designed and come in a range of colours

Already have an existing louvre roof, pergola or patio? Here at Louvre House, we can create a panorama enclosure that surrounds the current structure. This allows you to add that extra living space for a fraction of the cost of an extensive renovation or home extension.

Choosing a louvre roof system gives you the benefit of enjoying a pergola in your garden whilst having the flexibility to open and close the panels. You can protect yourself from the harsh weather elements whilst also enjoying the dappled sunlight on a warm spring’s day. Installing a Louvre House system is hassle free and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your backyard all year round.

If you would like to know more about how Louvre House can help you create a space for your outdoor living area with our range of roofing options and smart accessories, contact us today!

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