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5 Benefits of Installing a Louvre Roof in Melbourne

Adjustable louvre roof systems are popular installations in Australian homes. Contemporary and stylish, they look great, let sunlight and airflow into your space and protect it from the harshest Australian weather.

Louvre House’s fully engineered roof louvres are made from extruded aluminium, which adds strength to the blades whilst preventing contaminants such as dust and water from getting in. A louvred roof system will look good on your Melbourne patio for years to come. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of a louvre roof.

1. Weatherproofing

Louvre House’s 100% Australian adjustable louvred roof system is made from powder-coated pre-treated aluminium. They let in sunlight and circulate airflow when the weather is good, whilst keeping out rain, wind and dust in poor weather conditions. The louvre blades can be automatically adjusted with the press of a button, giving you less or more shade, greater privacy and greater protection from the elements, while a rain sensor will automatically close your louvres at the first sign of a rain shower. They also offer great resistance to rust and corrosion.

2. Energy Efficiency

Text: Efficient louvre roofs save energy costs on ventilation and air conditioning in your outdoor space. The efficient louvre blades help to circulate natural air through your space. The closable blades can keep in your heat in winter, keeping you cool in summer.

3. Privacy

The blades of a louvre system can be adjusted according to your needs. Open them for full light and exposure or adjust the angle of the blades for greater privacy from neighbouring homes.

4. Natural Light

Text: A louvred roof patio or alfresco offers the advantage of natural light during the daytime. The louvre blades can be opened or closed at different angles to let in more or less natural light.

5. Classic Looks

The classic looks of a louvre roof from Louvre House add a stylish and contemporary look to your patio or alfresco area. Whatever your design style, the classic clean lines of our louvre roof will complement your outdoor space.

Contact Louvre House online or on 1800 065 000 to arrange a quote on louvered roof systems for your outdoor space.

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