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5 Ways to Use Louvres on Your Property

Since the Middle Ages, people have used louvres in their homes. Today, louvres are made from sturdier materials and are much more sophisticated. In Melbourne and Adelaide, you can find louvres made of timber, aluminium, steel, and more. Although louvres are still used for the same purposes as in the past, they also feature many other uses. The highly qualified professionals here at Louvre House explain 5 common yet unique ways to effectively use louvres in your home in Adelaide or Melbourne.

Using Louvre Screens for Sun Shading

You can use louvre screens to protect your home from the uncomfortable sun, during the summer season in Melbourne and Adelaide. This is also beneficial because you will decrease your energy consumption when preventing the sun from entering the house. Apart from louvre screens used for sun shading, you can also use motorised louvred blinds, louvre shutters, window awnings, or fixed shade louvres for the same purpose.

Louvres for Ventilation

If you have a home close to the sea, installing louvres will be an excellent option for ventilation and the reduction of excessive air conditioning during summer.

Louvres for Privacy

If you don’t want to completely disconnect your home with ultimate privacy, you can opt for vertical or horizontal louvres, including fixed, motorised, and sliding or bifold shutters. This will provide you with the much-needed privacy you require for your property, without compromising aesthetics.

Louvre Opening Roof System

When looking for a solution for your outdoor area, you should opt for a louvre opening roof system. This is one of the best outdoor roofing systems to choose from. This louvre opening can be opened or closed at your own convenience, depending on the weather. Thus, the importance of such an outdoor roofing system for your outdoor area.

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Louvres and Bold Architectural Features

Working with professional louvre architects in Melbourne will add many architectural features to your property and increase its value while providing the functional benefits that louvres already offer in Adelaide.

Install Quality Louvres on Your Property in Adelaide and Melbourne

At Louvre House, we offer you the most advanced and highest quality louvre openings and louvre screens for your ultimate comfort. Visit our showrooms in Adelaide and Melbourne or request your free no-obligation quote here. You can also call us on 1800 568 873 or email us at r.webster@idealbuilding.com.au.

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