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7 Reasons To Install A Louvred Patio Roof In Your Home

Extend your living space and embrace outdoor living with a louvred roof patio constructed from the highest quality louvre panels. Take control of the weather all year long by keeping rain and wind out, while letting sunlight, warmth and airflow in.

Read on to discover 7 reasons why you should install a louvre patio roof in your home.

1. Thermal and Energy Efficient

Our dual-skin aluminium louvre blade design has a high thermal conductivity rate which enables it to transfer heat quicker than other metals that made be used for louvres (such as steel). When you choose a Louvre House outdoor patio roof you are choosing quality. The aluminium blades are constructed using an extruded design to ensure strength and long life but if something does happen to go wrong you are covered by out 10 year warranty and our friendly staff will assist where they can.

For superior insulation qualities and greater privacy you may consider opting for a Louvre House insulated roof. Find out more here.

2. Easy Maintenance

While a Louvre House louvred patio roof requires low maintenance over the many years it will provide functionality and visual appeal to your home, from time to time there are some simple maintenance tricks you can conduct to ensure it’s longevity.

Living in Australia we are constantly battling the harsh elements. Environmental damage such as salt deposits, ultraviolet light, pollution and other factors can drain your outdoor roofing system. It is recommended you clean your openings every 3-6 months (depending on the harshness of the climate) to ensure to overcome such damages.

Performing regular visual inspections will help you determine when cleaning is required and also if you are in need of new roof accessories for the opening. This is also important to ensure you are picking up on any minor issues that may occur before they turn more serious.

3. Increase in Property Value

More homeowners are looking to their outdoor space to increase functionality and comfort in their homes. The addition of an outdoor patio roof can protect you from the elements and extend the amount of time you can comfortably spend outdoors.

When it comes time to sell our home, an outdoor patio roof is an attractive feature that can set your house apart from the competition. By adding extra  space that can be used for living it adds to the dimensions of the home calculated when estimating the selling price of your home.

4. Extra Living Space

Do you love entertaining your friends and family? Or maybe you are always wishing you had a better space for entertaining. Our louvred patio roof systems are sure to create the perfect living, dining and entertaining space. Cherish times with friends and family year-round knowing you will be protecting from the harsh climate; rain, wind or shine.

5. Durable and Weather Resistant

Louvre House louvred outdoor patio roof systems are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia from the finest quality aluminium. They are produced using a new state-of-the-art powder-coating oven to ensure your outdoor patio roof continues to look like new as well as resist the harsh Australian sun for the years to come.

Our louvre blades incorporate a dual-skin design which is extruded, not folded, or joined at a seam. Not only does this increase the strength of the louvre, it also prevents the entry of contaminants such as water and dirt which can compromise the structure of the material over time.

6. Easy Installation

Enjoy the process of updating your outdoor space with a louvred patio roof and leave the technicalities to our team of professionals. A design and architectural team will create a detailed 3D installation packet (where every louvre opening component is listed). From here, they will take complete care of the measurement, planning, engineering, and installation phases.

Our tradespeople almost always commence work on your project the day after delivering the building materials to your site. The duration of construction may vary, but, don’t stress, our Production Manager will keep you comprehensively informed throughout the process.

7. Easily Adjustable Via Smart Controls

Your new Louvre House patio roof will be controlled by a multi-channel and multi-function state-of-the-art remote control which enables you to enjoy and fully utilise your outdoor area, no matter the weather. Easily adjust your Louvre blades to the optimum angles throughout the day to ensure sunlight, wind and rain are kept out. Take control of the weather in your outdoor space with our innovative design.

Compliment your new patio roof with dimmable LED down lights, RGB strip lighting, or even Bluetooth speaker systems that can be seamlessly integrated into your Louvre Roof system and can be connected to your smartphone of tablet.

Patio Roof Options For Your House

At Louvre House we have a range of roofing, enclosures and accessories to ensure your outdoor space can be fitted to satisfy all your requirements. You may be leaning towards our well-known opening and closing louvre roof system for your outdoor patio roof however we do offer other options that you can also consider.

Our insulated roof systems provide year-round comfort and minimal exterior noise, together with superior insulation qualities. With three-tiered roofing material bonds and a weather-proof joining system an insulated roof system offers year-protection and durability.

You may be wanting to enclose an existing structure. Louvre House offers Panorama Enclosures and Bi-Fold Doors to create privacy and extra protection in your outdoor space. Find out more here. These outdoor updates can be complimented with a range of accessories to further update the functionality of your home.

If you’re looking for quality louvre opening roof systems, visit our Louvre House showrooms in Adelaide or Melbourne. You can also request your free no-obligation quote here or call us on 1800 568 873.

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