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Improve Your Alfresco Dining Experience

When the summer kicks in, Australians know it’s the perfect time for an enjoyable alfresco dining experience in Melbourne or Adelaide. The regions are known for their various alfresco restaurants and fantastic cuisines that offer the perfect ambience and the most delicious food. However, you may want to live this experience in the comfort of your own home. By simply installing a retractable outdoor roofing system, you will have the chance to enclose your outdoor space. This will allow you to host dinners with your loved ones and friends whenever you want. To make the most out of your alfresco dining experience, there are some tips that you should consider. Learn some unique alfresco ideas that our talented architects at Louvre House provide, for you to enjoy the best of your alfresco area.

Choose the Right Place

When installing your alfresco area, make sure you choose a suitable spot, preferably near the kitchen and electricity supply. Make sure there will not be bugs in the area where you want to create the alfresco space. Consider landscaping, bug repellent methods and logistics.

Take Care of the Outdoor Area Design

You should create a unique and appealing outdoor area design for your alfresco space. Consider outdoor lanterns, candles, LED lights, or chandeliers for the lighting options.

Install a Quality Outdoor Roofing System

An outdoor roofing system such as a louvre opening, is a great option to protect yourself from the sun or the rain, while eating in your alfresco area.

Cooking Supplies and Bar

Don’t forget about the pizza oven and the grill to take your alfresco dining experience to the next level. And, of course, you can add a bar if the space allows. Who wants to walk inside every time they want a refill?

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The Tables and Chairs are Essential

Pick a durable and sturdy set of chairs and a dining table that rhymes well with the outdoor area design of the space. Candleholders, candles and flower vases, are good decoration ideas for the table. You could also brighten up the space with some outdoor plants in pots.

Let us Design Your Alfresco Space in Adelaide or Melbourne

At Louvre House, we will take care of your alfresco area from beginning to end by taking over your unique alfresco space’s measurement, design, planning, engineering, and installation. Visit our showrooms in Adelaide and Melbourne or request your free no-obligation quote here. You can also call us on 1800 568 873 or email us at r.webster@idealbuilding.com.au.

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