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Louvre Roof Systems in Melbourne: Frequently Asked Questions

At Louvre House, a premier company based in Australia, we understand that choosing the right roof system for your outdoor space can have many questions. We pride ourselves on providing clear, concise and detailed information to help you make an informed decision. So, in this blog post, we answer the most frequently asked questions about our innovative louvre roof systems.

What Materials are Louvre House Products Made of?

Our Louvre Roofs and Louvre Screens are constructed from high-quality aluminium, which does not rust or oxidise, ensuring longevity and durability.

Where are the Louvre Blades Manufactured?

Our louvre blades are proudly manufactured right here in Australia, adhering to the highest quality standards.

What Colours are Available for Louvre House Roofs?

We offer all standard Colorbond colours along with an extensive range of other hues to complement your home’s aesthetic.

Are Louvre Blades Waterproof?

Our Louvre Roof blades are indeed waterproof. While our Louvre Screens provide substantial weather protection, they are not 100% waterproof.

Does the Louvre Roof Close Automatically When it Rains?

Yes, our Louvre Roof systems come with an advanced rain sensor. This feature automatically closes your roof if it begins to rain while the louvres are open.

Can the Louvre Roof Span Cover My Outdoor Area Adequately?

Our professional design team can adeptly cover 99% of the spans, ensuring a perfect fit for almost any outdoor space.

Will I Require Engineering for My Louvre System?

While the majority of our designs do not require additional engineering, certain situations, such as high wind categories, design nuances or specific attachment methods, may necessitate additional engineering.

How Does the System Cope with Salt-Water and High Winds?

Our high-quality aluminium louvre systems are ideal for coastal locations. They resist rust and are strong enough to withstand wind uplift.

Can I Add Accessories to Adjustable Louvre Roof Systems?

Yes, you can customise your adjustable louvre roof systems with various accessories, including outdoor speakers, Bluetooth controls and heaters.

Find Out More About Our Louvred Roof System

Have more questions? Reach out to us at Louvre House on 1800 568 873. or contact us online. Our experts are ready to assist you with any queries about our roof systems.

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