Opening Roof Systems

Take control of the sun, shade, light and ventilation in your outdoor space while keeping rain and wind out with a Louvre House open roof pergola.

Make the most of the outdoors while being protected from the harsh Australian elements.

Louvre House offers premium opening roof systems. Combine indoor with outdoor, enjoy mornings and evenings, Summer, and Winter. Pergolas with a roof are becoming increasingly more popular in Australian homes. Our durable opening roof system design creates a year-round usable outdoor living space in your home. Our sophisticated, motorised, open roof pergola systems ensure full control over your outdoor space at the touch of a button. With an innovative remote control, take full control of your environment and adjust the louvres to however you please and to suit any weather condition.


The 180F & 200F Roof

The 180F & 200F Roof is the flagship of Louvre House’s range of opening roof systems. Leading the way with superior spanning capabilities the 180F & 200F roof provides approximately 300mm of extra span over most products in the marketplace today. It’s outstanding performance in very high wind zones allows super spans of 4.2m to be achieved, reducing to 3.0 maximum in extra high wind zones. Aside from the benefit of offering a wider protected outdoor area to enjoy, this extra span eliminates the need for double roofs with mid-beams to achieve the same cover.

Manufactured in Australia from the finest quality aluminium. Rather than being folded or joined at a seam, Louvre House’s Louvre Blades have a dual-skin design which is extruded. This ensures strength in the louvres while preventing the entry of contaminants such as water and dirt which can compromise the structure of the material over time.

Louvered Roof System
Opening Roof Systems
Adjustable Pergola Roof
Pergolas With Roof

Opening Louvre Roof Installation Process

Measurements & Design –

Once interest in the Louvre House opening roof systems is expressed, an experienced Louvre House design consultant will come to your home to assess and measure your outdoor area. When your quote has been prepared our consultant will meet with you either at your home or one of our showrooms to comprehensively explain the design, materials to be used and cost.

Plans –

Our production manager will perform an onsite check measure, after which our Draftsperson produces a detailed plan of your project. Once approved, the relevant paperwork is submitted to the council.

Installation –

To ensure you receive the highest standard of personalised service in an efficient and timely manner, our very own delivery truck and driver will transport the materials to your site (not an external transport company). Our tradespeople almost always commence work on your project the day after the materials have been delivered. Duration of construction varies, depending on the size of your louvred roof system, but our production manager will keep you informed every step of the way. Once installation is completed, our production manager will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to operate your opening Louvre Roof.

Click here for the complete process.

Why Choose Our Louvre Opening Roof Systems?

When it comes to providing you a quality open roof pergola, Louvre House cannot be matched.

  • Louvre House powder coats our louvres at our own powder coating facility. Contact us today for more information on the surface coating colour options available.
  • Louvre House’s blades incorporate a dual-skin design which is extruded, not folded, or joined at a seam. This increases strength of the louvre and prevents the entry of contaminants which can compromise the structure.
  • All Louvre House louvre roof systems are constructed from the finest quality aluminium
  • All Louvre House motors carry a 5 year warranty
  • Louvre House controllers, sensors and lighting carry a 3 year warranty
  • All Louvre House roof systems are completely designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Louvre House opening roof systems are engineered to withstand the harsh Australian elements


Our louvred adjustable pergola roof is made out of the finest quality aluminium. They incorporate a dual-skin design which is extruded, not folded, or joined at a seam. Not only does this increase the strength of the louvre, but it also prevents entry of contaminants such as water and dirt, into the louvred roof system, which can compromise the structure of the material over time.

All our Louvre House products include a warranty. Our consultants will provide you with all the information relating to component and workmanship warranties when presenting your quote. Feel at ease when choosing an opening roof pergola with Louvre House and know if anything happens, we are here to assist.

We offer our Louvre House systems in our two locations, Victoria and South Australia.

Come visit us in one of our state-of-the-art show rooms in Adelaide, South Australia or Melbourne, Victoria and see the products we offer and the Open and Close Roofing system you can have in your home.

An opening roof pergola from Louvre House can be incorporated with a wide range of existing roofing structures, both modern architectural designs as well as more traditional compositions.  A Louvre House opening roof pergola can work just as well as a freestanding structure as it would as part of an existing.

Extend your home’s structure and create an additional area for living with an opening roof pergola from Louvre House. Let our qualified, experienced team handle the integration of your new roof system with your existing roof design, sit back and enjoy your outdoor area come to life!

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