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Outdoor Louvre Screen Options in Melbourne and Adelaide

If you intend to make aesthetic improvements to your outdoor area, the process can quickly turn overwhelming in Melbourne. You have to know where to start from and lay out a plan for your project before proceeding. For example, you can begin first with outdoor louvre screens since these will have a massive impact on the outdoor area, even though proceeding with this option is cheaper than other renovations. When thinking about installing your new louvre screens, you will have to choose between various types to determine exactly what is best for your outdoor area design in Melbourne or Adelaide. Our professional and skilled architects at Louvre House explain the multiple options available when choosing your outdoor louvre screens.

Fixed Panel Louvres

Depending on your aesthetic preferences and specific needs, you may want to choose fixed panel louvres for your louvre screens. These are easier to install and easier to use. The shutters pivot inside of the framework. This is thanks to the permanently fixed C channels on the application’s top and bottom.

Bi-Fold Louvres

Bi-fold louvres allow you to totally clear the opening by folding and pushing the panels to one side.

Hinged Louvres

Hinged Louvres’ most crucial benefit is that they swing in and out. You can also supply these louvre screens with an L/Z frame.

Sliding Louvres

Sliding louvres can slide right and left across the tracks running on the bottom and top of the louvre screens. These louvres are best for sun-shielding and privacy.

Stacking Louvres

The difference between sliding louvres and stacking louvres is that the latter feature an additional H section at the end of their tracks. This section allows for the complete storing and opening of the panels.

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Choose Aluminium Louvre Screens

Plastic or wood louvre screens can warp due to excess weight, moisture or heat. On the other hand, aluminium is resistant and strong to these environmental pressures. It also provides better insulation from the elements and saves households much in energy costs. Thus, we recommend you opt for aluminium outdoor louvre screens above other materials when choosing shutters for your outdoor area design in Adelaide or Melbourne.

Buy Quality Outdoor Louvre Screens in Melbourne and Adelaide

At Louvre House, we provide you with efficient and high-quality outdoor louvre screens. Visit our showrooms in Adelaide and Melbourne or request your free no-obligation quote here. You can also call us on 1800 568 873 or email us at r.webster@idealbuilding.com.au.

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