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6 Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Alfresco Space

Living in the modern world means that we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the latest gadgets and devices to make our life easier. As Australians, we love to entertain our friends and family outside, particularly on a warm summer’s day. Whether you are lazily reading by the pool, sizzling sausages on the barbecue for your family dinner or sharing a few ice-cold beers with friends, being able to enjoy your outdoor space is imperative.

As we become busier and more time poor, the need for easy entertaining becomes essential. Losing a remote control or untangling an entwined AUX cord seem to have become a natural, unnecessary part of our day. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Here are some simple ideas to update your outdoor entertaining with intelligent gadgets to make that dinner party with friends a more seamless, enjoyable occasion.


You want to feel as relaxed as possible when entertaining friends and family outside. Louvre House’s range of LED downlights and RGB strip lighting allow you to set the mood and tone of the evening, helping you to unwind and focus on the present. Designing your alfresco space with smart lighting means that you can change the colour and brightness of your area at any time. Being able to dim the lights from your phone consolidates your space, meaning there is one less remote floating around your outdoor entertainment area!

Whether you want to decorate your outdoor area with sparkly fairy lights, use colourful globes to create a more fun space or use LED strip lights, there really is an option for everyone.

Bluetooth speakers

Add ambience to your outdoor space with music. From soft jazz to vibrant salsa music, playing tunes out of Bluetooth speakers can set the tone of your evening. Louvre House can install an outdoor sound system to compliment your space, using European-made speakers which are resistant to the harsh Australian climate. Being able to connect your smartphone to Bluetooth speakers means that you can enjoy entertaining your loved ones whilst seamlessly queuing your favourite Paul Kelly song to play next.

Heat strips

Extend your entertaining outside of the summer months by warming your outdoor space when the weather cools. The seamless integration of heat strips can add warmth to your environment, making your outdoor area cosy and inviting. Heat strips are available in either electric or gas models and come in a variety of sizes. The ability to warm your outdoor living space will elevate your entertaining, meaning as the temperature goes down, your party doesn’t need to follow suit!

Robotic lawn mower

Mowing the lawn is undoubtedly, a universally dreaded task. It can be time consuming and exhausting, so why not assign this duty to a robot? Controlled through your smartphone, robotic lawnmowers use GPS and an electronic boundary wire to know exactly where to cut your grass. They take the fuss out of trimming your lawn, adding an attractive extension to your alfresco living space.

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Sprinkler controller

Now that your lawn is freshly mowed, it’s important to keep it looking green and lush. Smart sprinkler controllers can take the fuss out of introducing a timed sprinkler system. If it has been raining all week or been unusually hot and dry, your smart sprinkler system will take this into consideration. Weather monitoring ensures that the smart sprinkler will irrigate your lawn based on what it needs. So, if it has been raining all week, it knows that it’s probably not worthwhile to give your lawn its regular Sunday night sprinkle.

Louvre Roof System

Adding a Louvre Roof System to your alfresco living space is the smartest choice of all. Being able to control how much sunlight enters your outdoor living area can elevate your outdoor entertainment area. A Louvre Roof System can make your environment much more charming and inviting on a slightly colder day. Additionally, being able to completely shade your outdoor area off on a sweltering hot day makes entertaining outside more attractive. By opening and closing the louvres, you can control the amount of sunlight, heat and airflow that enters your alfresco living area. Even if it’s raining outside, you can still enjoy your outdoor living space with a Louvre House Louvre Roof System.

If you would like to know more about how Louvre House can help you create a space for your alfresco living area with our range of roofing options and smart accessories, contact us today!

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