The Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor kitchens in Australia once consisted of the humble barbeque and a pair of tongs. Increasing in popularity, today’s outdoor kitchens are a culinary amenity ready to tickle your taste buds right in your own backyard. Designs are next level, often with elaborate setups that would please any cooking enthusiast.

Designing an outdoor kitchen can be taken as far as you like. You could start with a classic barbeque and simply leave it at that. Or you could add benchtops, a fridge, sink and cupboards to complete all your outdoor kitchen needs. Wood-fired ovens are also popular additions. Some people choose to have their kitchens completely built-in with electricity and plumbing for water and gas. They are a fantastic feature to enhance the outdoor experience and spend more time outside.

Read on as we tell you why an outdoor kitchen is a must for your home.

Benefits of having an outdoor kitchen

Increases value of home

Potential buyers are often on the lookout for great features when shopping for a home. An outdoor living area that includes an outdoor kitchen can be a highly sought-after luxury feature, especially if the outdoor kitchen is composed of high-quality appliances and finishes.

Expands the living space

An outdoor living area brings the indoors to the outdoors, expanding the overall living area of your home. Adding a shelter over the space creates an area to be enjoyed throughout all seasons. Louvre House offers louvre roof and insulated roofing options to help you create a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living and kitchen area. Complete the space with Louvre House’s range of outdoor living accessories including lighting and outdoor speakers to make it the ultimate place to relax.

Great for entertaining

Preparing food while trying to entertain guests can sometimes be a balancing act. If your indoor living area is not an open-space design, then you find yourself being hidden away from guests in the kitchen. Or sometimes your guests all try to cram themselves in your kitchen to keep you company or to see what’s cooking. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to entertain as being in an open area means you can spend time with your guests as you prepare food, and they can enjoy watching their meal come to life. By storing, prepping, and cooking all in the same place, you don’t need to worry about constantly running back and forth between your kitchen inside to prepare the salad while the meat is cooking outdoors on the barbeque. It’s simply a more relaxing experience for everyone. Entertaining outdoors also means an easier clean-up, reducing the worry of spilt drinks or food stains.

Makes cooking tastier

If you want to bring some ‘clean-eating’ to your diet, then cooking outdoors could be the answer. Grilling enhances the flavour in many foods and can be a healthier cooking option as the fat drips off the meat as you cook.

Cooking foods with strong odours can also leave unwanted smells in your house. By cooking in your outdoor kitchen, you can keep the unwanted smells outside and make your neighbours jealous at the same time!

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Save on utility bills

Cooking can cause excess heat to build up in the house, leading to more aircon use during summer. By cooking outdoors, the heat simply dissipates into the open air where you can also enjoy the breeze.

Save money on eating out

Go out to eat without leaving home! Why go out for a steak when you can cook the perfect steak on your own barbeque at home. If you are looking to save money, then making the most of home cooking can be a great place to start. Experience alfresco dining without the fine-dining price tag.

Spend more time outdoors

Spending time outdoors is great for our health in so many ways. Fresh air and sunshine can boost your mood and lower anxiety. Spending just a few minutes in the sun each day can also boost your vitamin D levels. A change of scenery can help us relax, especially for those who may spend all day working indoors.

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to expand your living area and bring the indoors out to your backyard. Making mealtime easy and more enjoyable, it is a feature sure to provide many benefits to you and your home. If you would like to know more about how Louvre House can help you create a space for your outdoor kitchen with our range of roofing options and accessories, contact us today!


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