What are Louvre Roofs and Why Install One in Melbourne?

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Louvre roofs are a style of slat roofing developed to protect your patio, pool or garden from the harsher elements of the Australian climate. Louvre House offers stunning contemporary louvre roofs Melbourne wide. The louvre roof system features powder coated horizontal blades up to 4.2 metres long that can be angled and adjusted at the touch of a button. Open or angle the blades to let in more light, close for privacy, or control air flow into your covered area. One of the best reasons to install an outdoor louvre roof is to maximize the use of your outdoor space, making it a relaxing oasis or family hangout in your backyard.

Uses of Louvre Roofs Melbourne

Louvre roofs are a great way to make the most of your patio or outdoor area at night, or in a variety of weather conditions. The sun, rain, dust and wind protection offered by a louvre system can create a closed or open roof to take advantage of the day’s weather. A patio with a louvered roof can function as many different spaces. It can be employed as a quiet reading nook, a living room, a kids play space, an outdoor grill, a kitchen, a dining space or a fireside lounge.

Benefits of an Outdoor Louvre Roof

A louvre roof from Louvre House is a cost effective way to harness natural light and heat. They assist with regulating the air flow, so you can open or close the louvres to either retain or let out heat and cold, helping you to save on utility bills. The blades of a louvre system can be angled to keep out the harsh sun or opened to take advantage of directional light. A louvred covered area can also open up your house, so you have more space to entertain and enjoy the benefits of pleasant Australian weather.

To learn more about our louvre roof system or discuss your outdoor roofing needs contact Louvre House online or on 1800 065 000.

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