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Everything You Should Know About Louvre Roofs

You may want to take full advantage of your outdoor space by turning it into an outdoor entertainment area for your children or your friends, here in Melbourne or Adelaide. You can do this by adding extra space that fits your indoor-outdoor living area. Consider adding a covering, like a louvre opening roof system, to keep your family and friends dry, safe from the sun and comfortable. This will protect your outdoor space or outdoor entertainment area from the elements. You will also be able to control the amount of shade and light. As a result, and regardless of the weather, you will be creating an enjoyable outdoor extension on your property. Our professional and highly qualified builders and technicians at Louvre House explain all you need to know about louvre opening roof systems.

What is a Louvre Opening Roof System?

A louvre opening is made of several horizontal slats that you can open, angle, or close. They can be adjusted to let in the required amount of air or light while protecting the outdoor space from rain, direct sun, and noise. These louvre openings can be made of various materials, including aluminium, glass, wood, or metal.

What’s Unique About Louvre Openings?

Louvre openings come with many advantages. However, their most unique feature is their flexibility since homeowners will have total control over their outdoor living space. When you install a louvre opening roof system, you will have the chance to completely shade your patio when you close it and protect it from the rain, among other elements. When you partially close or angle the louvre roof, you will be filtering the free flow of air and daylight. No roof is as multi-functional as a louvre opening is!

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The Design Option for a Louvre Opening

You can choose from a wide variety of design options when you want to install a louvre opening roof system in Adelaide and Melbourne. You can select a flat or pitched design, including flat with solid flat sections on the sides, pitched with solid flat sections on the sides, or multiple flat with coupled or separate drainage. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

Choose Quality Louvre Openings in Adelaide and Melbourne

If you’re looking for quality louvre opening roof systems, visit our Louvre House showrooms in Melbourne or Adelaide. You can also request your free no-obligation quote here or call us on 1800 568 873.

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