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A Guide to Keeping Your Louvres Clean in Melbourne

Louvre House roofs are designed to withstand the punishing sun, sea breeze, wind and rain; however, even the best aluminium louvres can use a little maintenance to keep them in good working order. Here, we talk about the importance of cleaning your louvres and how to keep them looking better for longer in Melbourne. 

Cleaning of Powder Coated Finishes

Choose from our protective powder coated louvre roofs, anodised finish pergolas or patio roof aluminium louvres. Our finishes are applied by our factory to keep your louvre roofs looking great. Regular cleaning of your outer components every 3 months is suggested in coastal and industrial areas. Regular cleaning will also help prevent airborne contaminants from attaching to your finish, as well as improve the appearance and reflectivity of your louvres. The effects of grime, pollution, dirt and airborne salt deposits can accumulate and should be regularly cleaned from your outdoor louvre roof.

How to clean your louvre roof: 

  • Remove any deposits with a wet sponge 
  • Use a non-abrasive brush with a mild household detergent to remove salt and dust
  • Rinse with fresh water 

Aluminium Louvre Blade Maintenance

Our aluminium louvre blades are extruded as one piece and feature a dual skin that prevents dirt and moisture from becoming trapped in seams where they can cause problems later. 

Cleaning aggregated dust, dirt and leaves from your louvre blades will help to keep your outdoor louvre roof looking good, as well as improve reflectivity and assist with the insulation and longevity of your roof louvres. 

Electric Components

Our louvre roofs use electric motors to automatically open and close our louvre blades from the touch of a remote control. Like any piece of machinery that sits outside and is subject to rain, condensation, heat and airborne particles, your motor will benefit from regular servicing. You should operate your louvre blades at least once every two weeks as part of your maintenance


All our Louvre House roofs come with a warranty for materials and workmanship. Feel at ease when ordering your louvre roof system with Louvre House. If anything goes wrong, we are here to help. 

Contact Louvre House on 1800 568 873 for a free, no obligation quote for your outdoor louvre roof in Melbourne. 

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