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Alfresco Areas in Adelaide and Melbourne

Elevate your lifestyle with alfresco areas that combine beauty, comfort, and function seamlessly.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with an Alfresco Area

Experience the epitome of modern living, where functionality meets design in your own backyard.

At Louvre House we’re masters in transforming outdoor spaces into captivating havens. Whether you’re in Adelaide or Melbourne, our expertise and dedication redefine alfresco living at its finest.

Seamless indoor-outdoor flow

Year round comfort & climate control

Custom designed for your lifestyle

Expand your living space with an outdoor room

Available in a wide range of colour options, powder coated in our own facility so you can Live Life Your Way*:

Classic Cream Powder Coated

Sandstone Powder Coated

Jasper Powder Coated

Pale Eucalypt Powder Coated

Cottage Green Powder Coated

Basalt Powder Coated

Night Sky Powder Coated


Contact us for more details on available colours.
*Colours will look different on screen compared to in person.

Embrace Elegance – Alfresco Roof Extensions

Discover the allure of an alfresco roof extension, a design that marries architectural brilliance with weather protection.

Whether you prefer a fixed or and opening and closing louvre roof, our Alfresco Roof solutions redefine outdoor comfort, allowing you to relish the beauty of every season without compromising on convenience. Whether you seek respite from the sun’s rays or shelter from unexpected rain, our expertly crafted alfresco roofs provide a stylish haven for all occasions.

Modern Living

Perfect all year round

Insulated Patio Roofs: Comfort Beyond Compare

Experience a new level of comfort with our insulated patio roofs. Crafted to perfection, these roofs offer an unmatched blend of thermal insulation and structural integrity. The result? An alfresco space that remains cozy in winter and refreshingly cool in summer, ensuring year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space.

The Panorama System: Seamless Style + Functionality

Introducing the Panorama System, a masterpiece that fuses innovation and aesthetics. This cutting-edge solution enhances your alfresco area by seamlessly integrating our Panorama Screens with your insulated or opening-closing louvre roof. With meticulous attention to detail, we empower you to control light, ventilation, and ambiance, creating an alfresco environment that adapts to your desires.

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Louvre Alfresco Areas

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All our Louvre House products include a warranty, including our alfresco areas. Our consultants will provide you with all the information relating to component and workmanship warranties when presenting your quote.