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Louvre Systems: Great for All Seasons in Melbourne

Louvre systems offer an excellent solution for naturally controlling the climate in your outdoor patio or pergola. Let in more light, air, or provide greater shade and weather protection by changing the angles of your louvre blades. A louvre roof pergola from Louvre House is great for all-season entertaining. In rain or shine, your louvre roof system is an incredibly flexible roofing solution that can be adjusted to provide weather protection in all Melbourne conditions for all seasons.

Year-Round Furnishings

Design your outdoor space with furniture pieces that are low maintenance and designed for the outdoors.

Ensure that your space can be lit at night, by installing a louvre roof system with dimmable LED lighting and lighting strips. Your entertaining spaces can be used day and night, all year round.

Autumn and Winter

In some ways building a louvre pergola creates an extra “room” in your home. Unlike uncovered spaces, an automatic louvre roof pergola offers you the flexibility of a closed roof covering that can protect your outdoor furnishings from the harshest extremes of the weather. A rain sensor will also detect any falling rain and close your louvres automatically.

Consider whether you plan to use the space for entertaining at night or in colder weather. Stoves, fire pits or outdoor heaters are ideal for entertaining and creating warmth and ambience.

Our louvre roof system is engineered for harsh Australian conditions, including high wind zones and coastal locations.

Summer and Spring

During summer and spring, your louvre pergola is a striking design option for your outdoor space. Not only does it protect your privacy and provide sun protection, but it also creates a relaxed contemporary coastal style ambience in your home. The clean lines and filtered dappled light coming from the louvre blades can create a beautiful design aesthetic for your space in summer and spring. The louvre blades can be adjusted to circulate air, filter sunlight or create shade.

Take advantage of the warmer weather to bring your activities outdoors. Everyone loves a space that can be used for a variety of reasons, including barbecues, family spaces, lounging by the pool and dining.

Call Louvre House on 1800 568 873 for an obligation free quote on a louvre roof pergola in Melbourne.

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