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Give Your Outdoor Alfresco Area a Boho Flair This Summer

As the days are getting longer and the temperature warmer, most people naturally want to spend more time outdoors. Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new house with a brand new space to decorate. Or, your current outdoor furnishings are getting a little tired and you’re looking to update them. No matter the reason, change is always good and redecorating your outdoor alfresco area will breathe new life into your garden and home.

Nothing screams summer more than a bohemian styled space. The interesting patterns, bright (or muted!) colours and inviting furniture designs make any environment appear welcoming. We’ve compiled some of our favourite tips to help you give your outdoor alfresco area a bohemian flair this summer.


Large leafy greens and crawling vines will quickly transform your outdoor area into a tropical oasis. When it comes to creating that boho look, the more plants the merrier! Let your garden run wild and utilise every square inch of your outdoor alfresco area. Plants act as living art, so fill your space with planters, pots and even hanging baskets – the greener the better! Tropical greens, ferns and philodendrons all work to help execute the perfect boho vibe.

Mix colours, patterns + textures

Trying to achieve that ultimate bohemian look? The more clashing patterns, textures and vibrant colours, the better! Achieve peak boho style by incorporating colour to your outdoor space with various pillows, blankets, rugs and plants. Alternatively, you may opt for more natural wood shades, such as sandy, cream and beige tones. Materials such as rattan can act as the perfect base for your bohemian outdoor alfresco area.

Install a hammock

Installing a hammock in your garden is an alternative seating solution to help you gain bohemian style points. Not only do hammocks look fantastic, but they are also incredibly comfortable and fun to lie on. Gently swing back and forth whilst reading a book or drinking a glass of wine. Does it really get anymore ‘zen’ than that?

Bring the indoors out

Outdoor furniture will bring comfort and function to your outdoor alfresco space. A basic patio or outdoor decking will be immediately transformed into an oasis with comfortable seating. Opt for a wicker sofa or canvas furnishings to ensure they can withstand the strong UV, wind, and rain that Australia is notorious for!

Adorn your outdoor furniture with layers of rugs and blankets to add that bohemian touch. A jute rug or one made from synthetic fibres will stand the test of time whilst looking fantastic. Choosing a natural, sandy tone will seamlessly blend with any pillows or blankets you may choose to pair with it.

Fairy lights + lanterns

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting in your outdoor alfresco area. The twinkle of fairy lights can add a little magic to your environment, and outdoor lanterns and candles will enhance the charm and allure of your space. String lights can totally transform your garden and can be a permanent fixture, there’s no need to pack them away after Christmas!

Louvre roof

Weatherproof your boho outdoor furnishings with a louvre roof from Louvre House. A louvre roof system allows you to enjoy spending time outside rain, hail, or shine. By simply adjusting the shutters, you can appreciate your bohemian space all year round. And what’s more, you won’t need to worry about the harsh elements affecting your furnishings and decorations – a louvre roof can quash all weather worries!

Contact the team at Louvre House today to learn more about how you can create the perfect entertaining space with our range of roofing options and smart accessories.

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