Why We Think Our Louvre House Louvre Roof Systems Make A Great Alternative To Traditional Outdoor Roofing Options

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Pergolas have become staples in Australian homes. Spending quality, family time outdoors during the warmer months is embedded in our culture. So, having the space to do this within our homes is valued (not only from an appreciative standpoint – an added bonus is the extra economic value that’s added to your home!). Owning a sheltered outdoor space offers more opportunity for lounging and entertaining in your home without confining yourself indoors. Although, you shouldn’t have to be limited to using your outdoor space only during the warmer months. An outdoor space renovation, including adding a louvre roof system, will require a considerable cost initially. This is why it is important to ensure your space is completely functional all year round – versatility that traditional outdoor roofing options can’t offer.


Read on to find out why we think louvred roofing systems are a great alternative to traditional roofing options.


1. Ventilation

Louvre House louvre roof systems provide a multi-purpose area which is a versatile escape from the indoors. On excessively hot days – when being outdoors can seem like a chore, an opening and closing louvre roof can provide shade while also releasing hot air that would normally get trapped beneath a conventional single skin pergola clad with steel or polycarbonate roof sheeting. During the cooler months, opening the louvres can let sunlight and airflow in while having them closed will protect you from unwanted elements.


2. Aesthetics

Louvre House roofing systems offer many options to ensure your new roof will be congruent with your home and satisfy your aesthetics. With many different surface coating colour options, along with different design possibilities you can completely customise your louvre roof system to make it how you want. Whether you’re after a free standing, fixed side, angled, gabled, or pitched roof, our design consultants can help you find a louvred roof solution for your home. You won’t be constrained by the shape and size of your patio. Check out one of our state-of-the-art showrooms to explore your options.


3. Privacy

Louvre House offers a variety of enclosure options to make your outdoor space more private. If you were to enclose using traditional outdoor roofing options, it could feel claustrophobic or too much like another indoor room. The opening and closing features of our louvres ensure that, even when the space is enclosed, you are still immersed within your back garden. A Louvre House enclosure allows in fresh air, sunlight and ensures the stunning views of your garden are not compromised, while still keeping rain, bugs, noise from the neighbours and other unwanted elements out.


4. Let’s In The Sun And Also Provides Shade

While traditional roofing options will shade the area below all year round, having an outdoor roofing system that has the versatility to be opened, letting in natural light, or closed, maintaining shade. Inevitably, this will change the way you use your home. Louvre House’s durable open and closing roof design creates a space you’re happy in, year-round. Enjoy the ability to open the roof in winter, allowing in sunshine, and have the comfortability of knowing sensors will trigger the roof to close in the case of any unexpected rain. While in summer you can be completely sheltered from the beaming rays of sun by closing your louvres.


5. Protection From The Elements

Our sophisticated, motorised, opening and closing roof systems ensure full control over your outdoor space at the touch of a button. With a state-of-the-art remote control, regulate your environment to be how you please, and adjust the louvres to suit any weather condition. Built in with intuitive sensors, as soon as rain is censored the louvres close – this level of control is unmatchable by a traditional roofing structure. The durability of our Australian made materials along with the dual skin design, prevents the entry of contaminants, such as water and dirt, that may compromise the structure of the material over time.

Although some of the attributes mentioned are also found in traditional roofing options, the level of versatility offered by a Louvre House louvre roof system is unmatched.

If you’re looking for quality louvre opening roof systems, visit our Louvre House showrooms in Adelaide or Melbourne. You can also request your free no-obligation quote here or call us on 1800 568 873.

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