Increase Your Home’s Privacy Outdoors in Melbourne

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As modern Australian properties become denser and more populated over time, the requirements for privacy and more functional space become key to the design of outdoor spaces. Here, Louvre House looks at attractive design solutions to improve your privacy that you can implement in your Melbourne home today. Read on to find out more about our screening and louvre patio roof ideas.


Whilst plants are often the go-to for screening and privacy, they usually require time, an appropriately sunny position, watering and upkeep to grow and reach maturity.

As an alternative that you can use instantly, louvres can be fitted to your outdoor locations to add ventilation, light and privacy. The long blade design of louvres allows you to adjust the angle of your louvre blades to maintain more privacy, provide shade and block wind or rain, or open to let sunlight and airflow in.

Consider adding louvres to your outdoor dining area, balcony, veranda, patio or poolside area as an attractive screening option.

Louvre Roofing

Adding a louvre outdoor roof to your outdoor spaces offers you the benefits of adjustable roofing for not only privacy, but weather proofing your alfresco areas. Control the intensity and amount of light entering your space with the press of your remote control. Adjustable louvre roof systems offer features such as motorised automated open and closing, RGB strip lighting, dimmable LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity that also makes them desirable for entertaining.

When you’re not concerned about privacy, you can open up your louvre outdoor roof for maximum light and air flow.


For more privacy, consider updating your older pergola with one of our adjustable louvre roof systems. Louvres are very popular interior design features in free-standing pergolas and offer a great aesthetic for interior design styles. You can adjust your sunlight source from hard to soft, as well as providing yourself with great privacy from neighbouring buildings.

Ask Louvre House to install a louvre patio roof to help screen your outdoor areas from the neighbours. Call us on 1800 568 873 for an obligation free quote in Melbourne.

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