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The Benefits of Different Alfresco Options in Melbourne

Louvre House takes a look at alfresco options to create your ultimate indoor outdoor space. From a louvre roof system to an open roof pergola, we walk you through the options that will best suit your outdoor alfresco area in Melbourne. Which option is best for you?

Benefits of a Louvre Roof System for Patio Roofs

Enjoy your outdoor spaces in all sorts of weather by adding a louvre opening roof system to your patio. The system of extruded louvres helps you to take control of air flow, sunlight, wind, weather and rain by opening and closing the louvre blades to make your roof system open and vented or closed and waterproof. Enjoy the stylish luxury of a state of the art louvre roof system with remote control louvres, dimmable lighting options, RGB strip lighting or Bluetooth speakers from a single multi controller, making them perfect for night time entertaining! Created from sun-resistant powder coated aluminium, our aluminium louvres span up to 4.2 metres and are suitable for the challenging climates of coastal homes.

Benefits of Insulated Aluminium Louvres

The Louvre House outdoor louvre roof system offers insulated roof panels for outdoor spaces. Providing 3 layer insulation from extreme heat, cold, and exterior noises, the insulated roof works with an existing roof system to offer heating and cooling advantages in your indoor outdoor area.

Benefits of Panorama Enclosures for Your Open Roof Pergola

Panorama enclosures are structural frames that can incorporate large bi-fold doors, sliding doors or fixed panel window enclosures for your roofed pergola. Working with a new or existing louvre roof system, the enclosures can create enclosed spaces that provide privacy, protection from the elements and attractive window vistas from which to survey your domain.

Benefits of Outdoor Alfresco Area Extensions

Create a flowing living space for your home with outdoor alfresco area extensions to increase your living space. Get the room you want without paying for a costly extension. Add a roofing system and panorama enclosures to your patio or deck, allowing it to be enclosed for night use or during bad weather.

Contact Louvre House online to discuss transforming your alfresco space into the ultimate indoor-outdoor entertaining space. Enquire about our patio roofs and other solutions on 1800 065 000.

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