Top Tips for Hosting a Relaxed Outdoor Christmas Lunch

The thought of hosting Christmas can be daunting for many with the pressure of ensuring everything is just right on the day. With so many elements to hosting such a calendar event it can become overwhelming for even the most organised of us. With the warm Australian weather many of us experience at this time of year it’s a great opportunity to create a relaxing day outdoors. Christmas doesn’t have to be about all the trimmings and maximum effort. Read on for our list of top tips for making hosting Christmas in your own backyard easy.


Let’s start with a big item – furniture. Check your guest list and count it twice; you want to ensure you have enough adequate seating for everyone to eat to make it a comfortable experience for all your guests. If your regular outdoor table is not long enough to fit the number of chairs required around it, use a trestle table to extend it and throw matching tablecloths over them to create a cohesive look.


Choosing a colour scheme is a good place to start for planning your Christmas decorations. You don’t have to limit yourself with traditional red and green – choose 2 or 3 key colours to build a harmonious space. Chair cushions, tablecloths, napkins, and table décor are a simple way to add some festive cheer to your outdoor space.


Christmas lunches can often extend well into dinner time and perhaps late enough that you may need to think about lighting. Ambient lighting such as fairy lights are a great way to add to the festive atmosphere you have created. Whether you choose a playlist filled with classic Christmas songs or opt for something more contemporary, music is another great way to build ambience for your event. There’s no better way to complement your outdoor entertainment area than adding a Bluetooth sound system.


Keep the relaxed vibe going with tasty, simple foods that require minimal preparation or cooking. Think refreshing seafood, easy salads or opt for a classic Aussie barbeque. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to contribute by bringing a salad, other side dish or dessert. Many hands make light work and will make for a much more relaxing day for everyone. Consider using food covers to keep any pesky flies away.


Set up a drinks station in a convenient location to make it easy for your Christmas guests to serve themselves. This will make your day as host more enjoyable as you won’t have to worry about making sure your guests are constantly topped up and hydrated. Ensure to have lots of ice on hand to keep the drinks cool all day long.

Dealing with the Elements

Though the thought of snow on our Christmas Day in Australia is an unlikely event, we still want to consider the forecast when planning in case of hot or wet weather. A shade structure such as an umbrella, gazebo, or pergola can be an effective way to provide shade from the sun and shelter from rain, making a more comfortable experience for your guests. Louvre House louvre roof systems are the perfect solution for entertaining in your backyard. Open up the louvres to let in sunlight, or close them to block out harsh rays. Unexpected rain will not be an issue, as the included rain-sensor automatically closes the louvres for you.

Hosting Christmas doesn’t need to be complicated, especially if you have a great outdoor area to entertain in. If you would like to know more about how Louvre House can help create the perfect outdoor entertaining space for you with our range of roofing options and smart accessories, contact us today!

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