Top Tips for Hosting an Easter Lunch

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Easter is a joyous occasion and hosting a lunch is a great way to bring family and friends together. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your home and impress your visitors. We have put together some great ideas for throwing an unforgettable Easter day your guests are sure to enjoy.

Choose the Perfect Location

Go alfresco for lunch and enjoy the fresh autumn air. Eating outdoors also tends to make any clean up easier, which is ideal when you are the host! If your alfresco area is not undercover, you consider outing up a structure to keep you safe from any unsuspecting rain. Louvre House louvre roofs offer the complete solution, providing shelter from rain while also having the ability to let in the warm sun. This will give you piece of mind when hosting your Easter lunch, knowing that no matter what the weather may be, you will not have to rush last minute and move all your table and chair settings.

Set the Table

Setting a colourful and festive table to reflect the season can be a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your Easter lunch. You can use pastel-coloured tablecloths, napkins and fresh flowers to add a spring touch, as well as decorative Easter eggs or a wreath. The addition of bi-fold doors to your outdoor living space will ensure your decorations won’t blow away if it starts to get windy.

Plan your Menu

When playing host, it is a good idea to keep things simple so that you can also enjoy the day. Setting up a buffet style lunch means you can prep most things ahead of time and your guests can continue to graze throughout the day. Cheese and antipasto platters are easy to make and are always crowd-pleasers. Make sure you have enough food for everyone, and keep in mind any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Activities and Entertainment

An outdoor Easter lunch is the ideal setting for activities and games, especially if there are kids involved. Keep guests entertained by organising a classic Easter egg hunt or setting up a craft station where guests can decorate Easter eggs or make spring flower crowns. Games of frisbee or volleyball are simple yet fun for many people to participate in. Create a playlist of Easter-themed music for ambience and to keep everyone in the holiday spirit. As the day goes on, you can play your favourite tunes to get everyone up and dancing.

Cosy Additions

In case the weather turns chilly, the addition of soft touches such as cushions or blankets will be appreciated by your guests. Store them in a basket close by for easy reach when needed. You could also consider outdoor heating options such as heaters or a fire pit.

An Easter lunch is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends and doesn’t have to be a lot of effort with the right planning. If you would like help to create the ultimate entertainer’s space, contact Louvre House today.

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