Change Your Melbourne Lifestyle with Aluminium Louvres

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While installing aluminium louvres on your pergola or patio roof may seem like a significant investment for an outdoor space, it’s one that pays dividends for your Melbourne lifestyle that can also save you money on your power bills. Louvre House looks at the ways that outdoor roof shutters can improve your home life, as we list the benefits of installing a louvred pergola Melbourne wide.

Outdoor Roof Shutters and Insulation

Aluminium is a wonderfully conductive material that can trap heat in colder months, or reflect it away on hotter days, assisting with the insulation of your pergola or patio. The adjustable louvres can be opened or closed to facilitate air flow or capture heat, creating a buffer of insulation directly outside your house that can also reduce the power bills inside your home. The regulated temperatures mean that you can save money by turning down or turning off your air conditioning unit, or running it less often.

Temperature Regulation with Your Louvred Pergola Melbourne

Open or close your louvred roof with the press of a button. Easy to adjust aluminium louvres on your louvred pergola allow you to control the amount of light and heat you let in. Adjust the air flow by changing the aperture and the direction of the louvre blades, or adjust your natural light by angling the louvres to admit more or less natural sunlight.

Extend the Entertaining Areas of Your Home

Outdoor spaces can create extra space connected to your home for entertaining your family and friends. Outdoor areas can be furnished as kitchens as opened louvres in your pergola can allow steam, smoke or heat to escape during cooking. Covered areas can be used in colder weather and during the evenings with the installation of dimmable LED lighting.

An open roof pergola allows you the lifestyle advantages of enjoying your backyard and the Australian climate, relaxing in comfort while controlling air flow and sunlight using your pergola louvres.

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