How our outdoor panorama doors will change the way you use your space

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As Australians we love spending time outdoors but sometimes the natural elements can just be too much. The harsh sun, dust, noise, insects, birds or bad weather can send us retreating indoors.

But what if there was a way to overcome these problems?

Our Panorama and Bifold Doors offer the ideal solution by transforming your outdoor living space into one that does not leave you vulnerable and exposed to the elements that mother nature can present us with. Read on to find out how our Panorama Bifold Doors can benefit you.

Increase Versatility

Think about an open outdoor space that you have in your home. Your porch, patio or deck could be a blank canvas waiting for a whole new lease on life. These outdoor spaces could be transformed into entirely new rooms that can be used throughout all seasons.

The addition of bifold doors to your outdoor living space can add an incredible amount of versatility, providing you with complete control over your environment – Slide open the doors to enjoy the fresh air or a cool breeze in summer, then close them to shut off from the chill over winter – Thus eliminating the worry of bad weather when entertaining outdoors, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you can continue as planned.

Add Protection

Enclosing your outdoor living space not only protects you from the weather, but from insects that can make a relaxing summer night a nightmare, as you are eaten alive by mosquitos.

Your outdoor furniture will thank you too! Enclosing your outdoor space will provide protection from the sun, rain and birds and reduce damage from sun fade, mould, mildew and stains – ultimately extending the lifetime of your furniture.

Another fantastic advantage to having an enclosed space is less cleaning – no more leaves blowing in and a reduction in dust or pollen.

And for the green thumbs, an enclosed outdoor living space can provide a safe environment for plants, especially those that need may a bit more protection from the elements.

Extend your living space

The addition of bifold doors to your outdoor space essentially creates another room, providing an extension from your existing living space to the outdoors.

Adding extra living space provides your family with more room to enjoy and can be utilised as an additional entertaining space. Think of entertaining your guests with Alfresco dining all year round, or simply enjoying your regular mealtimes in your new outdoor room – without even having to consult your weather app!

Extending your living area will also add value to your property, as a well-designed outdoor living space is a desirable feature to prospective buyers.

Create Privacy

Our outdoor bifold doors can also provide the benefit of added privacy for your outdoor living space. Enjoy your outdoor room without the worry of disturbing neighbours, or that your nosey neighbour can hear your conversations. A panorama enclosure will give greater function and versatility to a space that that may otherwise not be used to its full potential.

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Panorama & Bifold Doors

Protect your outdoor living space or alfresco area with Louvre House Panorama & bifold doors. Our doors are constructed from a strong and durable aluminium frame designed to suit the harsh Australian climate. The versatility of the Panorama design offers options for bifold, sliding, fixed hinge doors, or fixed panel, allowing you the flexibility of opening the area to take in all the benefits of the outdoors.

Panorama and bifold doors serve as a more dynamic option to outdoor blinds, by providing better privacy and protection from the elements. With choices of high-tech clear or tinted PVC, plus a range of other material options, you are sure to achieve a design to suit your lifestyle requirements. Being a lower cost compared to an extensive renovation or home extension, makes our bifold doors cost effective while at the same time improving the quality of your outdoor space.

Extend your living area to the outdoors with the addition of Louvre House Panorama Bifold Doors. Create a space to suit your lifestyle and provide privacy and protection without spoiling views of your backyard. Louvre House can deliver a result that will add flexibility, versatility and liveability to your outdoor living space. Use the form below to contact us today for your free measure and quote.

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