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What makes a great outdoor living space?

An outdoor living space can be a fantastic addition to your home, acting as an extension of the living area, while at the same time adding value to your property. It can be a wonderful area to enjoy entertaining with friends or family, to share a meal or simply relax. There are many different design elements to consider, when creating an enjoyable space that can be utilised year-round, no matter how large or small the space. Here are some great tips to consider during your design process.

Protection from the elements

Shade for summer

By providing your outdoor living space with protection from the elements it means that you can enjoy this space all year round, no matter what mother nature throws at you. Adding a shade option to your outdoor living area offers an escape from the harsh summer sun – a louvre roof is an ideal solution to do just this. Adjustable louvre roof systems allow you to control the amount of sunlight you let in or keep out, as well as regulating warmth and airflow. The inclusion of a rain sensor also means that you won’t find yourself getting caught in any unexpected rain.

Enclosed for winter

Extend your use of your outdoor space to all year round and escape the winter chill by enclosing the area with the installation of outdoor bifold doors – the perfect way to bring the indoors to the outdoors. Louvre House Panorama Enclosures allow flexibility with all the benefits of the outdoors or creating privacy and protection from the elements. Louvre screens are another option to creating privacy with the ability to adjust the light and airflow.

Comfortable (and Practical) Seating

When selecting seating for your outdoor living space, you want to keep comfort and practicality in mind. Decide how you want to use the space and work your design around this. A large outdoor dining set helps to create a delightful alfresco area to entertain guests or family, while a modular lounge or sunbeds make for the ultimate relaxation zone. Add cushions for comfort or for a pop of colour. A basket of blankets are an invitation for cool nights snuggled up with a warm drink. Outdoor rugs can add a sense of cohesiveness to the space while adding an element of warmth, texture and luxury.

It is also important to consider the durability and longevity, so selecting furniture specifically designed to withstand the elements outdoors is key. Opt for good quality and sturdy designs over a cheaper alternative that may not last. Seat cushions with removable covers for washing are ideal for easy maintenance.

Ready to entertain

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are a culinary aficionado or simply like to throw a snag on the BBQ, the addition of an outdoor kitchen brings about incredible entertaining possibilities. Imagine preparing food for your guests together outside with them bringing a hassle-free setting without the need to constantly travel back and forth from the kitchen. Think about incorporating areas to prep, cook and serve in your kitchen design for a seamless flow.

Smart technology

Smart technology is finding its way into almost everything these days and outdoor living areas are no exception. LED downlights mean you can enjoy your space well into the night and ambience can be achieved with the help of RGB light strips – all of which integrate seamlessly into our louvre roof systems. Complement the area with the addition of a Bluetooth sound system – Louvre House can install high quality European-made speakers which are resistant to the harsh Australian climate and provide crystal clear sound.

Be at one with nature

Plants add a layer of interest, texture and calm to enhance your space. Incorporating plants of different heights and leaf sizes can add depth to any size space. A few potted palms are an easy way to bring in a lush, tropical vibe with an ease of low maintenance. Smaller spaces may benefit from a vertical garden instead and is a creative way to bring interest to a plain and boring wall. Plants are also a great way to add to the senses with fragrance. Climbers like Star Jasmine smell wonderful on warm summer nights or grow some fragrant herbs to also complement your culinary creations.

Whether big or small, designing your outdoor living space can be a simple process with the right plan in place to ensure you include all the right elements. By creating this extension in your home, you are adding a flexibility and versatility to how this outdoor space can be utilised, to what might be an otherwise unused area. Value is added not only to your property’s worth but also can add enrichment to your lifestyle, bringing a seamless flow from the inside out.

Use the contact form below to request a quote on a Louvre House custom designed louvre roof, louvre screens or outdoor bifold doors and let us help create your ultimate outdoor living space.

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