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Make a Cosy Outdoor Space That You Will Use All Winter

As the days become shorter and the nights longer, we find ourselves retreating indoors to escape the frostiness that winter brings. But with the addition of some carefully considered elements, you can turn your outdoor living area into a cosy and inviting space that can be utilised all year round.

Whether it’s a cosy sanctuary to start your day with a hot cup of coffee, or an enticing alfresco area to entertain guests over dinner, you can bring the indoor comforts outside. We have collated our favourite tips to help you create the ultimate outdoor living space for winter.


The most obvious way to beat the chill is to add a source of heat to your outdoor space. There are different heating options to choose from, and it is important to consider the size and function of your outdoor area when selecting a style to suit. A permanent heating solution may work well within your space, or you may prefer a portable option for versatility.

Outdoor heaters are practical and available in either electric or gas options, as well as a variety of heights and styles. Fire pits can be a great focal point – surround it with some comfortable lounges and you have the perfect entertaining area for guests. Choose a fireplace for adding grandness to a space, or opt for ceiling mounted electric heat strips for a more streamline option.


The right type of lighting will not only illuminate your outdoor space, but also add ambience and a sense of security. It can also add warmth and cosiness to your outdoor area without actually raising the temperature. Achieve this by opting for warm white coloured lighting over cool white coloured lighting.

When deciding on lights, take into consideration the size of your space and what the area will be used for. Use a combination of different styles, adding both practicality and ambience. LED garden lights offer a solution to safely keep paths visible at night, and spotlights can highlight landscape features. Fairy or festoon string lights can add style and fun to a space. Louvre House offers a range of LED downlights and LED RGB or Warm White strip lighting, integrating seamlessly into our Louvre Roof Systems and offering a tailored design for your outdoor area.

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Create cosiness in your outdoor area through the addition of texture and warmth. A comfortable outdoor lounge provides a base to build the perfect place to relax. Adding cushions offers practical comfort as well as an opportunity to incorporate different colours and textures. Blankets and throws suggest a warm place to snuggle and look stylish either thrown over the lounge or stored neatly in a basket nearby. An outdoor rug can add warmth underfoot, taking the coldness out of hard concrete or pavers. Outdoor rugs are also a great way to zone off areas and can tie your styling together.


Providing shelter to your outdoor area is an effective way to escape the coldness of winter. Louvre House louvre roof systems add versatility by allowing you to have complete control over how much light and air you let in. Alternatively, Louvre House also offer Insulated Roofing, helping keep the area warm in winter while blocking out the harsh heat during summer. Complete your outdoor living area by enclosing with our Panorama Enclosures and Bifold Doors, providing absolute protection from the elements.

Winter does not mean that you can’t enjoy the outdoors. Just by adding a few basic design ideas, you can create a cosy outdoor living area that can be enjoyed all year around. To find out how Louvre House can help you create an outdoor area that can be enjoyed through all seasons use the form below to contact us today for your free measure and quote.

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