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Ideas for Patios and Outdoor Spaces in Melbourne, VIC

Louvre House is a louvre patio roof specialist offering stunning aluminium louvre blade roofing for alfresco areas and patios in Melbourne. We take a look at some great ideas for your patio design. Whether you are creating a quiet nook or an entertaining powerhouse, we offer top tips such as louvre patio roofs, patio fencing and thoughtful design ideas to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Add Lighting to Patio Roofs

Consider the advantages of dimmable LED lighting as one of your patio roof options on your Louvre House roof. Lighting offers the potential to extend the use of your patio into the night hours for parties and entertaining.

Install a Louvre Patio Roof

Installing a louvre style roof gives you the dual advantage of being able to take advantage of the sun’s rays in summer, whilst also enjoying protection against wind, rain and poor weather in the colder seasons. A louvre patio roof will assist with the airflow in your patio whilst offering an attractive modern feature that will complement most design styles. Patio roofs will also give you the flexibility to use your patio space all year round.

Framing with Fencing

Consider adding framing around your patio space. Whether you choose a box garden hedge, transparent glass fencing, decorative black metal screens or built in benches, framing will help delineate the boundaries of your space.

Scale Your Furniture to Your Space

Small patio spaces need small scale materials and slimmer furniture to minimise crowding. In larger spaces you can afford to go bigger with larger slab-like materials and chunky furniture.

Provide a Design Focus

To pull your design together choose a feature to be the star of your outdoor space. This could be a rug, a large plant or a unique decorative piece of wall art.

Add a Bar or Kitchen

If you intend to use your patio as an entertaining area, consider adding a bar, kitchen or even just additional storage so you avoid going back and forth and spend more time in your outdoor space.

Bring Some of the Outdoors Indoors

Combine your indoors with your outdoors by adding some complementary plants to your patio. Or if you are in a location with a view, make the most of your scenic panorama.

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