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What Are The Different Kinds of Pergola Roofs You Can Install?

A pergola with a roof is the best addition to your outdoor area design in Melbourne, because it will allow you to behold the beauty of nature under changing weather conditions. You have endless options in Melbourne for building your next pergola with a roof. You can do it with a mechanised roof, add remote-controlled retractable panelling, or even dimmable lighting systems. However, before moving to all these options, many people struggle to decide what kind of a pergola roof they should use and the material it should be made of. After all, the durability and functionality of a roofed pergola depends on the material its roof is made of. Our experts at Louvre House explain the best option when deciding this matter.

What are the Options for a Pergola Roof?

You can choose to install a roof made of plexiglass or acrylics. This kind of pergola roof is known as static panelling. Other options include fabric panelling and retractable canopies. However, there’s one superior option for pergola roofs in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Louvred Roofs for Pergolas

The best kind of roof for your pergola is metal louvres, made of aluminium. These are lightweight and strong and can be automated with quiet electric motors. They are also protected with the most advanced powder coating. Louvred metal roofs are so efficient in sealing out ice, rain, snow, or any other corrosions, which will extend the life of your pergola for decades. You can choose from various designs of metal louvres for your pergola roof in Adelaide or Melbourne. For example, you can install single-layered steel to block the sun or opt for a dual-walled louvre design that prevents rain from entering. Another advantage of metal louvres is that they are best when it comes to your outdoor area design.

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Install High-Quality Pergola Roofs in Adelaide and Melbourne

At Louvre House, we offer you the most advanced and highest quality louvre roofs for your pergola in Adelaide and Melbourne. Visit our showrooms today to check out our efficient metal louvre roofs, or call us on 1800 568 873. You can also request your free no-obligation quote here.

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