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The Benefits of a Louvre Outdoor Roof Melbourne

An adaptable louvre roofing system for your outdoor space can provide unparalleled comfort and protection from the elements. Open and close your louvre roofs with the touch of a button to enjoy natural air circulation. Control the amount of sunlight and heat inside your alfresco space by adjusting the angle of your louvre blades. Close your roof louvres to keep out rain, dust and wind. Louvre House looks at the ways you can stay comfortable in all seasons with a louvre roof pergola in Melbourne.

Weather and UV Protection

The extruded aluminium louvre blades of our roofing are made of fine quality, marine-grade aluminium, which is powder coated or anodised for the best resistance to rust and corrosion.

Aluminium has plenty of spring back from hail impact, does not burn when temperatures are high and does not emit fumes. When closed, the roof of your louvre roof pergola is 100% waterproof, offering you and your outdoor furniture protection from rain, sun and hail. Our rain sensors will automatically close your roof blades at the first drops of rainfall when you’re not at home.


Compared to fixed roofs, louvre roofs offer great flexibility when it comes to controlling the temperature and shade in your pergola. The louvre blades can be opened and closed to angles up to 180 degrees, allowing you to control light direction, shade, air flow and privacy with your remote control. It comes fitted with dimmable LED lights, which give you the flexibility to use your space for entertaining, family play or as a work space, at night and all year round.

Energy Efficiency

Enjoy the energy efficiency of a naturally climate controlled alfresco environment. Opening and closing the louvres can adjust sun, heat, privacy and shade. They can also reduce your household energy bills for heating and cooling.

Improvement to Home Value

Adding an outdoor reading nook, barbecue area, fire pit, family area or entertaining space will appeal to Australian home buyers and offer more entertaining spaces to your home.

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