Your Guide to an Affordable Louvre Roof System

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While adding any full extension to your home might cost you, you can still find many creative ways to beautify your outdoor area by better utilising the space of the patio in your backyard. While a patio in your backyard is a fantastic natural extension to your property, you can quickly and easily convert it into an extra living space. However, you will be faced with the problem of inclement weather and direct sunlight on uncovered patios. This will drive people back indoors. This can be solved by taking full advantage of your outdoor area and adding a Louvre opening roof system to control the amount of shape and light and protect the outdoor space from the elements in Adelaide and Melbourne. Our professional builders at Louvre House provide a guide to getting the most affordable louvre opening roof system in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Louvre Opening Cost Breakdown

The cost of your louvre opening roof system depends on various factors, including the square footage of the outdoor area that you want to cover, the materials used, and the need for any additional roof accessories. Accessories such as lighting, fans, heaters, and related. You can minimise the use of such items to lower the cost. Of course, don’t do that at the expense of quality.

A Louvred Roof is not Cheap. But…

We know that a retractable blind is a much cheaper option than having a louvre opening for your outdoor roofing system. However, a Louvre opening roof system is a more permanent structure that may last for decades and add much value to your home. A louvred roof will do the job at a much lower cost instead of going through a costly and invasive renovation to add living space to your property. You can also opt-out of using some roof accessories, such as rain sensors, which will make the louvre opening of your outdoor roofing system more affordable.

Install High-Quality Louvre Openings in Adelaide

At Louvre House, we offer you the highest quality louvre openings for your outdoor roofing system in Adelaide or Melbourne. Request your free no-obligation quote here or reach out to us on 1800 568 873. You can also send us an email to

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