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6 Signs your Outdoor Space Needs Some TLC

Without realising it, you might not be maximising your current outdoor space to its full potential. The outdated aesthetics and inadequate fixtures could even be pushing you inside!

So, it may be time to reassess your outdoor space. Being outdoors, surrounded by natural light and immersed in the elements is one of the best ways to boost health and reduce stress levels. Having a fully optimised outdoor space offers the perfect opportunity to spend more time outside, extending your living area beyond the back door and also adding value to your property.

Find out below if your outdoor area is in need of some TLC and discover new ways to fully utilise your space, all-year round, through a few updates and upgrades.

1. You can’t host company

Or maybe you just don’t want to… A space to gather with friends in your backyard makes such a huge difference to the environment of your home. Having an updated living and entertaining space outdoors creates another area you can take your guests to gather, eat, drink, laugh and enjoy time together. Leave the kids inside and escape outdoors!

If you don’t want to host your friends in your outdoor space, it’s time for an upgrade.

2. No privacy

To enjoy your outdoor space means to not worry about disturbing your neighbours or your neighbours disturbing you!

At Louvre House we offer a variety of enclosures to make your outdoor area extra private. Whether we are assisting you with a full louvre roof system or adding louvre screens, panorama enclosures or bi fold doors to your existing structure, our quality products are sure to give you greater function and versatility to a space that may otherwise not be used to its full potential.

3. Unprotected from the elements

You may find, when trying to use your outdoor space, you are faced with all the elements. Whether it’s the harsh sun, unwanted rain, strong winds, dry dust, seasonal insects, or street noise, enclosing your outdoor area will help ensure you can utilise this area all-year long.

The better you are able to protect your outdoor area from the elements, the more often you’ll be able to make use of it. Your outdoor furniture will thank you too!

Louvre House offers blinds, screens, and panorama enclosures so you are sure to find something suitable for you and your home. Consider taking your space to the next level with heating, lighting and other accessory options also available.

4. Outdated aesthetics

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. If you have been making updates to your home’s interior, whether it was through renovation or just simple décor changes, your outdoor area may feel slightly out of place. Updating this area of your home is guaranteed to give your lacklustre space a refresh.

Swapping out your old chairs and tables can bring a fresh new look outdoors. Consider partnering this update with fresh coats of paint, re-staining of your deck as well as adding pot plants and other small décor details (pillows, side tables etc.).

At Louvre House, we offer a cool range of accessories that can modernise your space. These include speakers, LED lighting and Bluetooth connectivity. Your Louvre House contractor can seamlessly integrate these add on’s into your project just ask!

5. Old fixtures and fittings

You may want to modernise your existing structures or build out a completely new roofing system. With our extensive range of colours and quality materials our roofing systems will create a fresh and fully functional outdoor space in your home.

Having a covered space with all the modern conveniences of an indoor living room can create a haven to retreat to and relax in all the while enjoying the outdoors. Not only does it add a certain luxury to everyday life but also adds value to your home. Compliment these fixtures with an outdoor kitchen, a sound system and smart lighting fixtures to fully optimise the space.

6. Space not being fully utilised

A well planned, designed and built outdoor layout can act like an extension of your home. Ensure you are taking advantage of all aspects of your home by making the most of your land to enjoy your outdoor area all year long.

Our qualified team of design consultants can come to your home to assess and measure the area you wish to transform into your ideal outdoor living space. Our consultants will help advise you on where there is opportunity to expand and build out your ideal outdoor structure.

Has this article made you realise your outdoor space is in need of some serious TLC? Contact Louvre House today and receive a quote to update your outdoor area. We offer quality products and a reliable service to ensure you’re content every step of the way during your outdoor space upgrade.

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