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Utilise Your Alfresco Space All Year Round in Comfort and Style

Alfresco areas are increasingly popular additions to homes across Australia. They are a great way to increase your home’s living area and the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Many people only use this area when the weather is just right, but that can mean an unused alfresco for certain months of the year. So how can you maximise the use of your alfresco area through all seasons? Here are some ideas to help you overcome the weather and enjoy your alfresco area year-round.


Providing your alfresco area with a form of shelter is a great place to start. A roof will offer shade from the hot sun in summer, while providing cover from winter rain. There are many options to consider depending on your requirements, such as whether you choose a temporary or permanent structure.

A louvre roof system is an option that can provide additional comforts that allow you to take control of the weather. Controlled by a multi-function state-of-the-art remote control, Louvre House louvre roofs enable you to enjoy and fully utilise your outdoor area, no matter the weather. By opening or closing the louvres to the desired angle, you can control the amount of sunlight, heat and airflow entering your outdoor area. Adding a louvre roof system to your home will not only beautify the appearance of your outdoor area, but it will also enable you to adjust your environment allowing you the freedom to utilise your outdoor space in complete comfort. Plus, the addition of a rain sensor will protect you from getting caught out in wet weather.

Insulated roofing offers another alternative for outdoor spaces. It delivers a clean, minimal design which feels just like an extension of your home. Insulated roofing helps to not only reduce the heat beneath it on hot days, but can also help to keep your house cool, minimising your home’s energy costs. It will also absorb sound, reducing noise from heavy rain. A Louvre House insulated roof is made in Australia using a durable, three-tiered roofing material in several thicknesses and available in twenty colours to compliment your existing structure with a highly attractive designer finish.

Adding a roof over your alfresco area will make for a more comfortable space that you will want to use through all seasons.

Added Protection

Add further protection to your alfresco area by enclosing the space. Louvre House shade screens have a series of overlapping louvres which pivot on an engineer-designed structure providing privacy, or light and airflow when needed. A manually operable louvre screen will let in light and airflow or provide privacy and protection when closed. Alternatively, Louvre House’s fixed-blade louvre system is ideal for areas where only privacy and protection from the elements is desired.

Louvre House panorama enclosures are another alternative to enclosing your alfresco area, providing absolute protection from the elements. Slide open the doors to enjoy the fresh air or a cool breeze in summer, then close them to shut off from the chill over winter. Eliminate the worry of bad weather when entertaining outdoors and have peace of mind knowing that you can continue as planned.

Control Your Climate

Combat the cold of winter with a source of heat. Consider the size and function of your outdoor area when selecting a style to suit. A permanent heating solution may work well within your space, or you may prefer a portable option for versatility. Popular options include gas heating, fireplaces and firepits. Louvre House offers radiant strip heating which can be mounted to the ceiling. Mounted heating options provide a streamlined design and offer a safer alternative, especially if there are small children around.


Lighting is essential for late night parties and short winter days. A mix of ambient, accent and task lighting provide ease of functionality and mood to a space. String lights are an inexpensive way to provide light with a cosy factor, while garden lights can highlight additional areas beyond the alfresco area. Louvre House offer a range of LED downlights and LED and RGB strip lighting which integrate seamlessly into our Louvre Roof systems.

Alfresco areas often feature an outdoor kitchen, such as a barbeque, pizza oven or a fully decked outdoor kitchen complete with fridge and meal prep area. Cooking meals outdoors somehow feels like less of a chore when you can experience the open-air of your own backyard. One more reason for you to enjoy your alfresco area.

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Comfort & Styling

Creating an inviting space will encourage you to use your alfresco area more often. It is important to consider how you will use the space before developing your design. If you are planning on hosting dinner parties, a large outdoor dining set big enough to seat everyone is what you need. Or perhaps you would prefer some outdoor lounges with a coffee table for those casual family gatherings.

Consider choosing natural materials and textures to integrate your alfresco area with nature. Including wooden outdoor furniture is a great example. Additional sources of heat and comfort include soft furnishings in natural fibres, such as cushions, throws blankets and rugs. These items can also be a great way to add pops of colours to the space while outdoor rugs are an option to bring warmth underfoot, section off areas or tie the space together.

Help to keep the space cooler in summer and provide extra shade with some stylish plants. Herb gardens can be a great aromatic way to include greenery and can be a fun way for guests to garnish their own meals.


Alfresco areas can be the perfect space outdoor space to enjoy, whether it is the ultimate family entertaining hub or a relaxing space for drinks and conversation with friends. By selecting the right design choices, it can also be a space enjoyed all year round, no matter what the weather throws at you. Contact Louvre House today to find out how we can help you achieve the ultimate alfresco area.

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