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The Best Ways to Enclose Your Alfresco Area

The alfresco has become a quintessential space for Australian homes and it’s easy to see why. An extension of the home, alfresco areas are a great place to relax or come together with friends and family. Enclosing this space can add further versatility and functionality, providing enjoyment for years to come. Read on to find out the top ways to enclose your alfresco area.

Benefits of enclosing an alfresco area

Enclosing your alfresco area comes with many benefits. It allows you to keep out unwelcome rain and harsh sun, as well as insects, wind, and dust. An enclosed alfresco area provides protection from the elements throughout all seasons, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living all year round. Your outdoor furniture will also appreciate the extra protection, as it will be protected from dirt and extend the lifespan.

An enclosed outdoor space provides you with a whole extra room, extending the overall living area of your home. You can create the ultimate indoor-outdoor room based around how you would use the space. The extra square meters will also add value to your home and is a fantastic selling point for potential buyers.

Types of enclosures


With a variety of styles available, blinds are an economical solution to enclosing your alfresco area. With a lower price point to other options, it can be a more affordable route for some. Blinds can be made from various materials to suit your alfresco needs. An alfresco area that receives the harsh afternoon sun may opt for shade blinds to help alleviate the brightness, whereas others may prefer a clear PVC café blind for an unrestricted view. Some blind styles use pulley systems, while others use channel systems. There are often options for automatic remotes too. However, depending on the style, some blinds may not be completely wind-proof, allowing it to slip past any cracks, and not all blinds are able to withstand high winds and must be rolled up for longevity.


Screens offer a fixed alternative to enclose your alfresco area. There are two options when it comes to screens: static and louvre screens. Static screens can be a great solution for closing any gaps between the top of a fence and your pergola, providing extra privacy from neighbours. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, many static screen options can come in DIY kits or custom fitouts.

Louvre screens provides privacy, just as static screens do, but with the added bonus of allowing in light and airflow. Louvre House offer two louvre screen options: manually operable louvre screen to let in light and airflow, or privacy and protection when closed, or the Louvre House fixed-blade louvre system which is ideal for areas where only privacy and protection from the elements is desired.

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Panorama Enclosures

Panorama enclosures & bi-fold doors are yet another option to enclose your alfresco area. With options for bifold, sliding or fixed hinge doors, panorama enclosures offer a greater versatility to the above suggestions. Creating privacy and protection from the elements, this versatility allows you to maintain the relaxing vistas of your outdoor spaces, creating an environment you can utilise year-round. Louvre House Panorama Enclosures are constructed from a strong and durable aluminium frame designed to suit the harsh Australian climate. With choices of high-tech clear or tinted PVC, it has the clarity of glass without the weight. Easy to operate, panorama enclosures allow you to enjoy your outdoor living area without hindering the view.

If your home has an alfresco area, why not consider enclosing it? The benefits of an enclosed alfresco area will see you enjoying outdoor living all year round. Contact Louvre House to find out how we can help you create the ultimate alfresco area.

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