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8 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space for Christmas

As Australians we’re so fortunate to be able to enjoy our festive period with much time spent basking in warm sunny days extending to balmy nights with cool breezes. Thoughts of entertaining our friends and family outdoors with the delicious aroma of cooking BBQs, cool drinks, simply lazing away and enjoying being surrounded by loved ones.

Whether you’re looking forward to the opportunity to see loved ones not seen for far too long, or finally welcoming more people back into our home, the sense of looking forward to a holiday period has probably never been so anticipated with excitement and importance.

This Christmas and holiday period will most definitely be a special one, and one where we may just go to that added effort to make it comfortable, with the added trimmings.

It’s possible you’re looking at your outdoor living space realising that it’s not been used for quite some time – it may look tired, it may not be set up to entertain larger groups of people.

But how do you make it special and stylish in a short space of time? No matter what size your outdoor space, here are a few ideas to spruce it up all ready for the festivities.

Start the clean up now

No one likes a dusty area with surprise creepy crawly guests. It’s time for a good sweep, blower vac and dust of the area. Perhaps look to invest in some pest control now to keep cobwebs at bay over the summer and even look at some plants that can deter the pests such as mint, sage, marigolds, rosemary, lavender or basil.

Add some colour

Easy, affordable and an instant refresh, new colours can transform you outdoor area. Find some bright outdoor cushions for your chairs, add a table runner or some nice festive table pieces. Kill two birds (or just the pests) and add some colourful mosquito lanterns or citronella candles or cinnamon quills to deter flies as centrepieces for the table. Add some colour with pots and plants to bring nature closer to the table. Accent your space by adding colourful outdoor chairs.

Spread out

If you don’t have a big enough table for everyone, or you’re lacking chairs, extend your entertaining area to the lawn or a paved area. For a comfy setting add an umbrella, throw down a rug and gather some cushions to sit on.

Light it up

When day extends to night, nothing creates charm and ambience like light. String or fairy lights can transform an outdoor area of any area – entwine them between limbs of tree branches, zig zag them across your verandah or yard area, drape across the fence, add to a vase with baubles or even run them down your table as a runner. There’s so many options in a range of colours, shape, length and power supply, you’ll easily find an option that suits your space. The effect of glowing flames is always calming and can double as insect deterrents too – add citronella candles or garden torches too.

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Create atmosphere

Create some romance or chill out with a feeling of boho by adding sheer curtains, an indoor/outdoor rug, lanterns and candles. Hang some jars with colourful flowers, baubles or more fairy lights in each jar for a magical atmosphere.

Beating the heat

As much as we love our Australian summers, there’s every chance we’ll have plenty of warm days and nights. Misters are an easy way to keep your outdoor area cool and refreshing. Patio fans are also an easy addition to your space to allow for airflow but of course, nothing beats shade in whatever form we can get it – be it umbrellas, shade sales or something more permanent like a louvre roof.

If you can’t fix it, hide it

We’ve all got those areas that just annoy us, but stand out even more when there’s people over. The outdoor rug can cover the ugly pavers or stained deck. Reed or bamboo fencing rolls are perfect to cover that unattractive fence. Don’t have time to deal with the weeds or maybe just a garden bed that doesn’t look the goods? Bags of wood chips or mulch will make that garden look neat and tidy quick smart!

Quick fixes

There’s still time, to do some easy transformations. Upgrade your BBQ, roll out some lawn over the dirt patch or as an alternative, create an instant floating deck with DIY decking blocks that click together quickly and easily.

These quick ideas will definitely help you for a more stylish and comfortable summer – whilst you’re enjoying it, have a think about transforming your alfresco area to make it even better. A louvre or insulated roof over your outdoor area, with provide add protection from all of the elements (heat, sun, rain, wind, bugs) and enclosing your living space to make it more versatile will not only mean you get to enjoy it all year round, but it will also protect your furniture and plants to make for easier upkeep. Browse our gallery for ideas or contact us for a quote for a custom designed area ready for the next festive season.

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